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Latest from Scotts blog
21/03 - 15
New book on the way
As you might see, I have added a few words to the web sit...
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12/01 - 13
2013, What does it hold?
2013 looks to be as busy, if not busier, than 2012. Churc...
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10/01 - 12
2012. What does it hold?
This year will be great...for most of us...Im looking for...
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Welcome to the Institute for Creativity, Leadership, and Management

 Connect up on Twitter/Instagram. @scottwilson__

My new book, Tithing: A Biblical Idea, will soon be out for sale. I will be advising on that through social media.




Scott Wilson travels all over the world training leaders on the subject of leadership.

He works with some of the worlds largest churches, but spends a huge amount of time with new churches. He is passionate to help the church work more efficiently.

He has written seven books, available in eight languages, and holds a doctorate from an extension college of Liverpool University, England.

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